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I am creative soul. I desire to fully express who I am and use my talents, wisdom and potential to be of service and contribution to the humanity. 
Since 2009 I guide and support people on their path to deeper understanding of WHO they truly are and HOW they can authentically express it and reach their full human potential to achieve their dreams and fulfil their purpose. 
I use transformational techniques, tools and energy work on physical, emotional, mental a soul level which I developed or enhanced over the years in my work in combination with the power of ART and FEMININE WISDOM
I believe in the concept of PARTNERSHIP as core value in our relationships, families, politics, businesses and society because it generates collaboration, compatibility, equality, humility, respect and it creates balance. 
I strongly believe that we can reach our highest human potential, results and growth in any area of our lives only with creative collaboration and partnership of the MALE and FEMALE POTENTIAL. Together we are much more stronger than individually. Our most creative and transformational powers awaken from our compatibility and unity not our differences. In order to create balance, peace, growth and happy life we need to use the wisdom, imagination, intuition equally as the logic, knowledge and science in daily life. 
Creative soul, author and writer, transformational coach and trainer. The founder of RealWoman organisation and ArtFormation. Born in Slovak Republic, in Europe. 
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How to activate your potential with Trinity of being 
How to activate your potential with Trinity of being 
How to activate your potential with Trinity of being 
I love constant development, growth and progress. However, I got into a state where I stopped asking the right questions which would fuel my growth. That is the reason I decided to approach Katarina Zachar. Thanks to her coaching, I realised how easy it gets to know and ask yourself the the right questions, if you learn the how. I learned how to change my own inner attitude towards myself, my life and other people. On top of it, I learned thanks to the right tools I received in the coaching how can I change and overwrite my limiting beliefs and create a new supporting mindset which helps me to get where I want to be. I also understood the deeper scale and depth of my talents and how to put them in use to create meaning and contribute to others. As result, I have managed to unlock and use better my true potential in personal and professional life. I recommend to experience everyone individual coaching with Katarina Zachar who searches a way how to get what you want out of life. 
Jozef Kristof
Managing Director, Partners Group SK
Katarina’s coaching fundamentally changed my life. What I considered for years as inalienable problem and didn’t know how to change it, after coaching with Katarina I not only found solutions but I also reached deeper self-awareness. Katarina brought amazing changes which have been gradually revealed in every area of my life. I recommend it to everyone. 
Eva Mikluskova
Female Enterpreneur
I have read a lot of books in personal development field, and I have benefited from every each one of them, but many times I have encountered conflicting information which confused me and I was unable to make the right choices. Until I read your book How to get, what you desire which offered me clear overall picture. Everything fitted in and created a beautiful harmony as a whole. I am looking forward to your next book and creative outputs.
Reader of the book How to get, what you desire 
I had the honour to experience Katarina as a coach, trainer and speaker, so I will reflect on all. She is a sensible coach, able to tune in to the client and be very supportive. She can ask the right questions and guide you to your truthful answers. As a mentor, she is a great motivator and she inspires you to take action and give performance that will take you by surprise. Again, you will feel her strong support and she will awaken your faith that you can make it. Katarina has a great gift of communication and use of the right words. She can simply explain and clearly describe what at first seems complicated and that makes her a great speaker and writer. And on top of it, her voice has a very pleasant colour and vibration, so it easily takes you into meditative state and connects you with your inner self. If you choose to work with her and you give her your trust to guide and coach you, great things will happen inside of you and around you. After you experience, you will know, what I mean. 
Anka Repkova
Singer, composer and vocal coach
How to activate your potential with Trinity of being 
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